Once again, for the 22nd time, welcome to the website of the Ben van der Eng Memorial Tournament, the greatest tournament of its kind in the world. And we are not boasting, it is the truth. Since its inception in 1998, we have seen a steady growth- in participant numbers (from 100 then to up to 700 now) competitions (from one then, to three now) number of days (one then, three now) and disciplines (only shiai then, kata, shiai and educational sessions now)


Names have changed, methods have changed, technology has changed.. even Judo itself has changed. SNJF’s great Beverwijk tournament is grown to an institute in the world of Judo for the handicapped. We make no compromises. The Beng van der Eng Memorial accepts everybody- without exception.

To the point

Now- let’s get to the point. This is a large event. It involves hiring a venue, a large number of referees, a band, a renaissance castle to house our staff during the event, 1600 Judo tatami, a medical emergency team, 8 shuttle buses to transport the hordes of participants from the airport to their hotels, to the venue and back. It involves buying almost 1000 luncheon packets for our participants and volunteers, hundreds of prizes for all participants, two pallets of water bottles for all those thirsty people, a small ocean of coffee (560 litres, actually), and about a thousand t-shirts. Our event is expensive. Very much so.

We need you!

We cannot do this without our sponsors, and we are grateful for their years of unwavering support. Once again, we ask you for assistance in organising our great endeavour for the 22nd time. Like every year, we want to surpass the results of last year.

What can you assist us with?

– Passenger vans
– Sports prizes
– Bottled water
– Packed lunches
– T-shirts
– Hiring tatami

But it is also fine to donate without having a specific target. We are grateful for your involvement with our cause, and every cent counts!

What do you get in return?

Dependant on the size of your contribution:
– Your logo on the tournament T-shirt
– Your logo on this website
– A tournament T-shirt
– Full access to the tournament venue during the tournament
– Your own banner, visible during the tournament


Our chairman Henk de Vries is also our sponsor coördinator. He can be contacted:
Phone: +31 640 440 641
Email: hdevries@specialneedsjudo.nl

Our Sponsors