Ben van der Eng Memorial 2019 pilots a new competition format for levels 4 and 5!


SNJF have seen the number of competitors of level 4 and 5 decrease over the last years. We feel that this is, at least in part, caused by the way a Judo match is set up. A Judo match can be over in seconds- much too short for the somewhat slower reaction of a level 4-5 judoka, and many judoka do not even get the chance to respond to such a situation.
Because at least part of the pleasure of attending a tournament is about being able to do some Judo yourself, SNJF together with the Dutch National Referee Committee have decided to change the rules- but only a little bit.

What is changed?

  • Match time is the major change. It is set to a fixed two minutes.
  • Ippon does not end the match- the judoka just stand up and resume the match until the two minutes are up. The same goes for osae-komi.
  • The scores add up- at the end  of the two minutes the judoka with the highest score wins.

There are some other rules which can be read HERE. But the above three are the most important ones. Read the document (PDF) as it also explains our motivation in more detail.

When is this going to happen?

We will start this pilot on Sunday April 14, during the BENG! tournament.

16 days to go – It is now or never!

Dear Judo friends,

On March 16 2019 we will close our applicatiuon period. So- it is now or never, you can still fill in the subscription form and send it to us!

All information on the tournament can be found at THIS LINK. Please note: the information is subject to change, as the program has not been finalised yet.

Subscription forms can be downloaded HERE.
Please complete the form and send it to

A gentle reminder: Invitation for the great Beverwijk tournament!

Dear Judo friends,

It is a great pleasure to be able to invite you for the great Special Needs Judo tournament in Beverwijk.

The 21st Ben van der Eng Memorial Tournament takes place on April 12, 13 and 14, 2019. Due to the large amount of participants and the fact that we do want divisioning, and we do want to show some educational stuff, in 2018 we were already forced to include the Friday afternoon in our schedule. In 2019, the Friday afternoon is an integral part of the organisation.

Hence, the tournament will be (tentatively) scheduled as follows:

  • Friday april 12 (afternoon): Divisioning and workshops
  • Saturday april 13 (morning): Special Needs World Judo Games
  • Saturday april 13 (afternoon): SNWJG Kata
  • Saturday april 13 (evening): Party in Castle Assumburg
  • Sunday april 14: BENG XXI

Another change is a dedicated website for the tournament:

All information on the tournament can be found at THIS LINK. Please note: the information is subject to change, as the program has not been finalised yet.

Subscription forms can be downloaded HERE.
Please complete the form and send it to

Closing date for registration is March 16, 2019

Availability of hotels near Beverwijk

Reports are coming in that the hotels are running full near Beverwijk. We know that Assumburg Castle is full. Therefore, we now have to urge you to check for other hotels in the area. Click on this link for hotels in the area
A word of advice: Do NOT book through sites like, or You will have a more expensive deal for sure. Instead, try to call the hotel you want and book directly with them.

Important note: You can book hotels in Beverwijk, Wijk aan Zee, Heemskerk, IJmuiden, Spaarnwoude, Santpoort or Haarlem. If you can not book in one of these places, then please click here to contact our logistics coordinator. This is extremely important because we may not be able to transport you from other places.


Welcome to the website of the greatest Special Needs Judo tournament on the planet. Due to the enormous success of the previous years we have set up a completely new website, dedicated to the support of our yearly event. We hope this page gives you all the information you need but if you have any questions not addressed here, please do not hesitate to mail our support team.

In 2019, the tournament will take place on April 12-14

The machine is starting up again!

As soon as the tournament is completed, we start meeting again. The previous tournament needs to be evaluated when the whole happening is fresh in our minds. Pages and pages of comments are being compiled, categorised and discussed by the team.
Yesterday, the organisation committee met for the first time after the summer holidays. This is the official kick off for the 2019 tournament. Many meetings will follow, and our 80-page runbook must be updated. As always there will be many changes- some small, some more dramatic. Of course we will keep everybody up to date through this site, and through our mailings.

From left to right at the table, the core team: Jenny Koster (Chief referee), Tycho van der Werff (Technical director), Daan Rootlieb (PR/Media), Piet Vittali (Logistics), Wil Kist-van der Eng (Catering), Michel Posthumus (Tatami speaker), Dennis Sissing (Volunteer coordinator), George Cornelissen (Tatami operations), Henk de Vries (Tournament director, Sponsoring), John Criens (Venue Director)
Not in view:
Bob Lefevere (Taking the picture, Photography, IT and Webmaster)
Christel Mulder (Tournament Administration)
Inger de Vries (Tournament finance and secretary)