Today, BENG XXII would have started. Around noon, most of our foreign guests walk in to take partin in the divisioning sessions, and referees and coaches look forward to the workshop where we were going to discuss the last modifications to our randori competition system. We would have briefed our volunteers for the last time, and we would have done the final staff meeting. This year, we would have welcomed Americans, Newzealanders and judoka from many more countries to take part in the greatest SN tournament on the planet.. together with our faithful regulars that we are honoured to welcome every year.

It was not to be. BENG XXII was cancelled, but that only means that we will do it again, for BENG XXIIbis will be organised again, next year, on April 9, 10 and 11.

Through this site we will keep you informed, and about September 2020 we will wake up our organisational machine again and you will hear from us. Until that time we say, just like we always did for the last 21 years:

See you in Beverwijk!

Welcome to Beverwijk.. next year!
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