This is the final mail before the tournament begins. We are all set, prepared and excited to have all of you with us. The support teams are instructed, the hall is prepared and we now need to convey the latest information to you, our participants. So- here are the most important things. Read carefully, some things are really important!

Weigh-in for Saturday

Most of the weigh-in for Saturday will happen on Friday afternoon, during Divisioning. The remainder of the judoka will be weighed on Saturday morning, in which case we ask you to be on time.

Closure Tolweg (access to Assumburg Castle)

The road right in front of the castle is closed for maintenance. Please pay special attention to the signage (yellow signs) which will guide you to road plates, giving access to the Castle.

The Sunday schedule has CHANGED

We have decided to push the schedule back one hour, meaning that we do not have a separate “below-16” medal ceremony before lunch and the “over-16” can also perform in the morning. The final schedule looks like this:

Friday, April 12 (Divisioning and seminars)
13:00 Venue opens
13:00 Weigh-in session 1
14:00 Start Divisioning
14:45 Pause and weigh-in session 2
15:00 Divisioning (continued)
15:45 End of Divisioning and pause
16:00 Referee and Coaches course (On tatami, please wear Judo Gi)
16:00 Weigh-in session 3
17:00 End
Saturday, April 13 (SNWJG)
07:30 Venue opens
08:00-08:30 Weigh-in of remaining judoka
09:00 Opening tournament
09:02 Start Special Needs World Judo Games
11:45 Medal ceremony followed by intermission
Saturday, April 13 (SNWJG KATA)
12:45 Opening SNWJG Kata tournament
12:47 SNWJG Kata
15:30 Medal ceremony
Saturday, April 13 (Assumburg Castle)
19:00 Dinner for all guests in Assumburg
20:00 Party!
Sunday, April 14 (BENG!)
08:00 Venue opens
09:45 Referee briefing (please gather in restaurant)
10:00 Warming-up by Marvin de la Croes
10:30 Opening part 1
10:35 Start BENG!
12:00 Lunch and music by Ladies Band 3igenwijs
12:50 Opening part 2
13:00 Start BENG!
14:45 Award ceremony for Ben van der Eng Award (Judoka of the Year)
Followed by medal ceremony
16:30 The End

Missing information

We do not have flight and hotel details for everybody yet. If you fly in, then please mail your flight details (in- and outbound) to otherwise you will not be picked up from the airport.

Pick-up from the airport

The old red/white meeting point has been removed. Therefore, when you exit the baggage claim area, go to the Burger King at Schiphol Plaza and wait until you get picked up. You will then be brought outside and our shuttle service will pick you up. DO NOT go wandering about on the airport, keep your team together!

And finally..

We are delighted to have you in Beverwijk. We hope you have a great time, and we will do our best to make it so.

See you in Beverwijk!

Final information on the Ben van der Eng Memorial

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