What is going to happen to Beverwijk 2021?

It is still entirely unsure whether our society will be back on its feet in April 2021, and whether we will be allowed to organise large events. Normally, SNJF would have started it first invitation run in September 2020, and its first preparations in August, for a large event like the Ben van der Eng Memorial takes months of preparation.

The Board of SNJF however does not see enough opportunities to continue the organisation for April 2021.

Therefore, the 22nd Ben van der Eng Memorial for April 2021 will be CANCELLED.


We are discussing a possibility to still organise an event in April, during the BENG weekend. We are still in discussion, and we hope to have more information on this soon.

Best regards.
The SNJF Board.

What is going to happen to BENG-XXII?

Dear Judo friends,

Normally, preparations for BENG start by the end of September. Normally we would be spamming you with a trailer video, to wake you up for the fact that we would be organising the 22nd BENG in April. But times are precarious. We do not know whether we will be allowed to organiser our mega-tournament in April.

Therefore we will postpone our go/no go decision until the very last moment. This will happen in November 2020, and right after that we will show our decision on this website.

We ask for your understanding and your patience, and thank you for your ongoing commitment to our tournament throughout the years.

Warm regards,
The SNJF board.

The XXII Ben van der Eng Memorial is CANCELLED

Our dear Judo friends,

It is with great sadness that we have to decide to cancel the XXII Ben van der Eng Memorial Tournament. The Dutch Health Authority advises us to avoid physical contact, something that is nigh-impossible on a Judo tournament. Apart from that we have had numerous cancellations from participants abroad.
We can not -and indeed, we will not- take responsibility for an outbreak leading back to our tournament, where we host around 1000 people inside a sports venue.

So now what happens?

  • We do advise you to cancel your hotel bookings and flights as soon as possible.
  • We will restitute your payment for the tournament proper in short term. However we cannot take reponsibility for cancellation costs for hotels and flights and hopefully you will be able to successfully claim with your travel insurance company.

Beng XXII and BackToTexel III

The new date for Beng XXII is next year: April 9, 10 and 11, 2021
But we are not done yet for this year: November 14 and 15, 2020 we will organise BackToTexel III, and you are invited!

[Update 16:00] The Dutch government have called for cancellation of all events with an audience larger than 100.

SC14 – Ben van der Eng Memorial day 3, the pictures!

Chief Referee Jenny and Cees Roest, partying! Click the picture to see the whole gallery!

It is The Day After and the BENG team is winding down from three days of tournament.. but still busy. One of the things completed is the processing of the tens of thousands (!) of pictures taken into galleries that can be watched by YOU. Just for statistics sake: Friday we took a mere 2500 pictures. Saturday 17.419 and Sunday our media team made slightly over 8000 pictures. That is apart from the annoying little camera on the tripod that raked in a staggering 28.881 HD pictures. Anyway! Click on the picture, and you will be brought to our photo website.

Medal Ceremony Pictures

Tycho and Sanne with her Ben van der Eng Memorial Award. Click the picture for the medal ceremony pictures!

This year, SNJF have awarded the Ben van der Eng Memorial Award (Or: Judoka of the Year) to Sanne Simons! The award is given to the udoka who works hard, takes part in lots of activities and is an example for her environment, and Sanne fits the bill perfectly!